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Monitoring services are aimed at various objectives – to track brand changes, progress of competitors and feedback of current customers. Well, there are many types of monitoring, so today we will look through the most common ones. Surprisingly, many businesses refuse from benefits delivered by monitoring simply because there exists some ambiguity around it. If you want to excel and let your strongest competitors lag behind you, keep reading. Taking into consideration the fact that your company is specialized in a certain business area, it is safe to say that definite types of monitoring will be of more use than others. For a start, let’s make a brief introduction of monitoring dealing with brand, competitors and social media.

Brand monitoring

allows getting the information of how customers review your brand. Does it have mostly positive comments on the Internet?

Competitor monitoring

is focused on figuring out and comparing prices & products offered by rivaling companies. Does any revision happen in prices or the range of products? Why does it take place? Will it have any impact on your success?

Social media monitoring

should not be underestimated. This segment has developed significantly over recent years and now clients can deal with multiple channels for sharing facts about your business. Please, devote some time to learning what the Internet community says about you. Chances are clients have already expressed hints of how to make your assortment of products better.

Right now it is high time to determine precise advantages of incorporating monitoring tools. If you manage a café, you might benefit from social media monitoring. Why? Visitors often leave comments on forums and other chatting hubs after having a dinner at eateries. Also, in case you know that your industry is very competitive, consider using price and product monitoring. Thus, you won’t worry about pricing set by similar businesses. You will never lose actuality when you are aware of their prices and make appropriate adjustments to suggest more tempting rates. In fact, people tend to google the facts about goods, prices and companies selling them before purchases. They may not decide to acquire them online but once posted, the word about your brand will be within hearing. Whichever monitoring type you pick as a preferred one, be sure there are always means and tools within monitoring services that will stand you in good stead. Stay tuned to learn more about tips and hints of competitor and brand monitoring in our nearest releases!